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We’re Competing the industry with our Perfect solutions and innovative business ideas. Our technology has recognized by market leaders and our business model is setting the trend for industry standards. Granet is giving unparalleled dedicated services to its customers and winning their trust. Feel free to look at video Demos of our following products.

  • Granet Business suite (gSuite)
  • Sales Management (gSales)
  • Accounts Management (gAcc)
  • Inventory Management (gInventory)
  • Resource Management (gResource)

what GRANET Offers


The services that we have to offer are the best ones and we never bother about anything at any point. No other person has complained about our work and the way we have been doing our work has been not only admired but has been praised as well. Each person who gets the work done for us has hired our services again. We will also be more than happy if people start to recognize our work and we will admire people for that.

We have done many Granet Suite works and we will always admire the fact that we have done work in the best possible manner we can.

It is true that the professionals that have been working with us have been working for many years from now. Granet suite is definitely the one that will always be admired by people and they will always praise our work. People will always see to it that they want good work and they are sometimes even ready to pay money if the work done is done in the professional manner.

Software Services
Web Development
Our professional services help businesses identify their individual and particular web design and development needs and build their web presence accordingly.
Granet is a full-service Internet marketing and SEO company offering innovative web marketing solutions to mid to large size companies across the globe.
Granet Business Suite
The complete solution suite for food based business operations. The complete suite have all modules covered and best fit to suite your multi-branch business.
Enterprise Application Development
As an Enterprise Application Development Company, we resolve these challenges by combining our technology, domain, and industry expertise. We are specialists in delivering software development, enterprise application development and Web based application development.
Business consultancy
Granet’s team includes leading industry professionals who work collaboratively with clients, it's customers and supply chains to improve business processes and deliver benefits that support the clients’ aims and objectives in line with business strategies.
Telecom Services
Telecom & Network Integration Services
our experts will support nearly any feature of enlarging the network to installing
a new one right where you need it by full organization and program management.
Network Optimization
Network quality evaluation while monitoring improvements/deteriorations.
Network traffic pattern evaluation for traffic optimization recommendations.

Our clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector and private sector. Granet has worked together with a lot of companies to crowdsource insightful actions for a variety of purposes. We have applied these to different groups of participants such as stakeholder, member organisations and big corporations.

Meet our team

Kashif ali granet's CEO
Kashif Ali Warraich
Nadeem ahmad khan granet's partner
Nadeem Ahmad khan
Partner at Granet
adnan sadiq Granet's CTO
Muhammad Adnan Sadiq
Ali aefran Granet's COO
Ali Aefran
imran sadiq granet's Director Australia Region
Muhammad Imran Sadiq
Director Australia Region