Granet Inventory Management Software (gInventory)

Manage your Warehouse, Purchases and Production Processes By our Inventory Management Software

Granet Inventory Management Software and Granet Sales Management Software  are the best tools to save time by automating manual processes of any Food/Retail based businesses. Granet Inventory Management Software is a collaborative tool that links all your departments together so that all the tasks could be performed at the same time. The warehouse team can add the packages, while the accounts team can enroll the shipment charges. Granet Inventory Management Software works as the warehouse manager with all of its features linked to the racks and deliveries.  It will help you in managing your warehouse in a very clean and easy manner. Stocking of products, inventorying, and racking is some basic features of this tool. Further, it remembers the expiry of the stock, keeps a note on the depleting stock. It  is a revolution to reduce the operational cost of warehouse and stock management. Its robust features update you with every detail of the shipment and the stock inside the warehouse. And the correspondence is even strengthened.

Benefits of Using Our Inventory Software

Complete supply chain visibility 

when fully optimized, inventory management software provides the entire operation with insight and actionable information regarding both inbound and outbound product flows – as well as the added ability to drill down into details if needed.

Quality management 

Granet Inventory management software identifies and tracks the various issues that could occur, and through reports and analytics, provides guidance regarding the factors impacting quality.

Forecasting and planning

Granet Inventory management software is not only manage “optimal” stock levels at the warehouse, but can also predict your future capacity requirements.

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Salient Features
Purchase Orders
New Purchase
Purchasing History
Update Purchase
Rejected purchase
Price History
Stock Orders request by Branches
Stock In
Stock Out
 Loss Tracking
Purchase Requested by Warehouse
Purchase Returned by Warehouse
New Stock Request by Production Section
Stock closing by Production Section
Requested stock orders History
Stock Reports (Including loss/Stock In/Stock out/Purchase)
Itemized purchase Report
Stock consumption Report
Cost analysis Report against Every Branch
weekly/monthly/yearly Analytics Screen for Owner
Chart of Account Management
Viewing Branch Wise Stock
Tracking Order Screen
Audits Screen
Setting Units Against items
Setting stock buffer against each Item