Sales Management (POS)

Make Sales Smarter

Managing a business at multiple branches in a single location is not an easy job. By monitoring these problems we have introduced Granet POS Software and Inventory Software to manage your Restaurant/Retail Business.

By using Granet POS Software  you can save your time and money. It allows you to keep your business with a single central office. It is a comprehensive POS Software which aims to increase customer satisfaction by reducing the order taking time, increasing efficiency due to faster checkouts, while maintaining accuracy. Granet POS software is a Web based speedy  solution which will reduce your hardware cost and requires single installation on server.

BENEFITS OF Granet POS (gSales)
  • Graet POS software brings you real time reporting on centralized server so head office can monitor and compare performance of all outlets and call center on a single screen to make immediate decisions particularly in special occasions i.e Eid Days, Week end, etc
  • It does not require any special hardware, it can run on any ordinary PC, with or without touch screen monitor
  •  You can easily find out a record of a single customer or multiples. So customers can easily return their purchase or exchange with in no time.
  •  It makes easy for you to look up past transactions. You can easily see record of any past transaction information within a snap.

Attractive, Elegent User Friendly Design

Shift Control / Management 

Daily/Monthly/Yearly Reports 

Chart of Accounts Management

Tables Management

Menu Management


Items price control

Recipe Management

Tax Management

Sales History

Graphical representation of Analytics for Owner

User logins & rights

Third Party software Integrtion

Receipt  Voucher

Credit card / Cash Payments

Restaurant / Retail POS

Software Applicable for
  • Departmental Stores.
  • Sweets & Bakers.
  • Cosmetic Stores.
  • Garments Stores.
  • Shoe Stores.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Book Shops.
  • Mobile Shops.
  • Electronic Stores.
  • Paint Stores.
  • Sports Shops.
  • All sort of Trading Concerns.
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