Welcome to Web Development Granet provides affordable web design services for all businesses. Whether it is a simple brochure website that you are
after to advertise your business online or an online shop, we can design a website to suit your business needs at a price
                                                                                     to suit your budget.
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Web development

We don’t just sell websites, we create websites that SELL.

A forward looking Web designing & Web development company manned by professionals in their respective fields, Granet continuously strives to provide tailor made cutting edge solutions, through out of box thinking, for our valued clients. Our commitment is to provide very contemporary solutions to web site development all over the world. So if you are looking for a dedicated, thorough, and multi-disciplined team of solution providers give us a call or visit us at Granet private limited.Web presence is no longer a matter of choice in today’s global economy, the question is how to use it to the maximum advantage for your organization.

As a Web Development company, we want you to feel comfortable starting or rebuilding your website, our goal is to make sure that you receive a web site that meets your needs and creates a presence on the Internet that reflects your company’s Image. Our approach has special attention for adaptability and overall effectiveness across the wide range of engagements.

Granet’s team have proficient in many different designing techniques and programming languages. Determining which design technique and language is best for each project is very crucial decision. Granet makes sure you are always on the cutting edge.
Please have a look at the areas of our expertise:1. HTML, DHTML, Ajax
1. PHP, JAVA, WordPress

We offer web development solutions to deploy on highly scalable amazon servers to provide seamless solutions and ensure reliability

We provide solutions as per your need. Smart solutions for companies of all sizes and pride ourselves on our dedicated service.

We provide websites to attain top ranking in several search engines. Our SEO experts are responsible to take care of SEO of your website in all aspects.

Our core Responsibilities


Responsive Design

Granet as Web development company  is delighted to offer responsive web design and development services that create an unmatched web experience for web users in a multi-device, multi-platform, and multi-browser environment. 

Consistent Experience

Your users might access your website from desktop one day, from tablet the second day and from a Smartphone the third day. With a responsive website, they would enjoy a uniform experience each time.

Customer Retention

With so many rival websites, your visitors won’t take enough time to leave if your website fails to perform on their preferred screen size. Our designs deal with high bounce rate, inspire your visitors to spend more time on your site and ultimately increased customer retention rate



We build websites that are easy along with Elegancy enough that every person can understand the content of your pages


It is entirely up to us to own that very responsibility and make sure that we do our best to put out nothing short of the best work possible, including making sure that everything is always consistent.


We take  visitors by the hand. We don’t expect visitors to explore site all on their own. Instead, we guide them through the site and show them what we have to offer. 

Best professionals

We understand the overhead costs of acquiring and retaining in-house coders and the challenges of increasing numbers of specialties, Analysts. Our highly-trained coding professionals are proven experts in their domain.

Amazing website architecture

We are responsible to design Architecture for your website by our professional architects. The architecture will be Scalable enough to accept any changes in future.

Microservices Architectures

we have gone through all stages of app development evolution, from multi-tier architecture, to be among the pioneers of a microservices architecture pattern ‒ the fast becoming default architectural style of tomorrow.